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I am part of the LNU Complex Lightning Fire of August 18th. Although I got my four horses and two cats out to safety well ahead of the fire, my entire 18 acre, certified organic farm and horse ranch is completely burned over. I lost several out buildings, my home, barn, 100 bales of hay, part of a horse barn, four horse sheds, several hundred feet of drip irrigation line for the trees, along with fencing, harnesses, saddles, bridles and many other pieces of horse-related equipment.

Out of four carriages, two of them are burned and one would make a nice yard ornament 🙁 the other one I am slowly repairing but have sold it since there are no jobs for Christmas this year.

First, because of covid-19, I have only done a handful of jobs this entire year, and now with covid-19 stretching into Christmas, all festivities have been canceled. It would cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars to restore the ranch properly, so after 35 years of wonderful business I am dissolving it slowly.

My concentration has been on restoring the burned land by getting water to my organic trees, olives and walnuts. The peaches and apricots will not come back. I have plans to spread manure, harrow and reseed with California natives, before the rains this winter. I think our valley will slowly recover and will be luscious and green in the spring if we get some decent rainfall a little bit at a time.

I will now be one of the small businesses that close down but I have two very strong reasons, covid-19 and this devastating 400,000 acre fire that hit our region in August and September.

I appreciate all of the patrons that I have had for this year and for the past 35 years. You have honored me with allowing me to take part in your family special events and this is part of my life that I will carry close to my heart for a very long time. I will miss all of this, including the close relationship with my horses. The good news is that two perch runs are going to another small horse business who will take care of them and bring them out in the public so that you can adore them.

Horse Carriage Rentals in Northern California

Buzzard’s Roost Baraat and Carriage Horses is a working horse ranch that specializes in carriage rides for weddings, Quinceañeras, Indian Baraats and other special occasions.

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Horses For All Events

When you’re searching for horse and/or carriage rentals in northern California, even north to Redding and south to Modesto, consider Buzzard’s Roost Baraat and Carriage Horses. Since 1988 we’ve provided beautiful, high quality carriage rides for a number of different occasions, including weddings, Quinceañeras, Indian Baraats, Country Carriage drives and Carriage Driving Lessons. We incorporate beautiful, friendly breeds such as Percherons, Belgians & Morgans for these events. Our horses have been exposed to loud music, drumming (dholi), helicopters, city traffic, crowded sidewalks, balloons, bouncy houses, parades, homecoming games, our horses have even been onstage and walked through the San Francisco Ritz Carlton!

Special care to ensure that your big day goes above and beyond what your guests expect.Your special occasion will be a day you won’t soon forget.

Dedicated to helping you take your event to the next level.

A variety of horse and/or vehicle choices :

  • Victorian white Vis-a-Vis 4 wheeled Carriage
  • Hot rod racy black, 4 wheeled Wagonette
  • Large Haywagon for 16 passenger transport
  • Baraat- beautiful horse with optional full size blanket

We handle all types of events: Baraats, Christmas rides, picnics, country drives, weddings, anniversaries, surprises, birthdays, special tours, senior citizen days, winery tours, city sights, etc.

Our motto? Have horse will travel!

Take a look at a few of the reasons why people choose us to enhance their events:

We service San Francisco and the surrounding areas, including Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose and other areas around the Bay Area and Northern California!

We’ve been in business for more than two decades.

We are on time, professional and adaptable to last minute changes.

Our horses and carriages are in great condition, used to high traffic areas in public venues.

For cities, we follow all city safety requirements including lighting and manure bags.

We are members of the AMHA, NCDC, ADS and FEI as well as certified organic Farmers CCOF.

We are proud to offer horse carriage rentals and horse carriage rides
to the following areas, don’t see your city? Contact us today!

  • Auburn, CA
  • Foresthill, CA
  • Fremont, CA
  • Grass Valley, CA
  • Gustine, CA
  • Jackson, CA
  • Livermore, CA
  • Lodi, CA
  • Maryville, CA
  • Milpitas, CA
  • Modesto, CA
  • Monterey, CA
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Napa Valley, CA
  • Pleasanton, CA
  • Red Bluff, CA
  • Redding, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • San Mateo, CA
  • San Rafael, CA
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • Turlock, CA
  • Yuba City, CA